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Promises Made, Promises Kept.

Two years and a half years into his first term and President Trump has made America Great Again.

 The list of accomplishments go on and on, but here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Under President Trump's leadership, the Senate has confirmed a record 85 judges, including two Supreme Court Justices.
  • In the past two years, the Trump Administration has strongly enforced America's immigration laws and taken aim at "sanctuary cities."
  • GDP has soared after the passing of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, more than 2.5 million jobs were created in 2018, and average unemployment was the lowest since 1969.
  • Manufacturing experienced a "major rebound" in 2018, experiencing the largest jobs gains since The Recession.
  • President Trump successfully renegotiated The North American Free Trade Agreement.
  • President Trump has made great strides towards the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.
  • President Trump fulfilled his promise to name Jerusalem Israel's capital.


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