Robert DStars - Stripes DinnerWelcome to the Davidson County Republican Party. Thank you for your interest. We believe that “all politics are local” and that the grassroots are the foundation of a thriving democracy. We invite you to get involved. We also believe in the fundamental truths that make up the principles of the Republican Party. We are the party of Abraham Lincoln who fought for individual freedom and the party of Ronald Reagan who believed that freedom should be America’s greatest export. We are the party of small government and a vibrant free market. 

Please enjoy our site and if you want to join the party let us know. All are welcome and all are needed.    

  Robert Duvall, Chairman Davidson County Republican Party


February Board Meeting Rescheduled – March 4th

The February meeting that was cancelled due to weather for March 4th, at 6 PM.  We will be at the Shoney’s, at Thompson Lane.


Caucus & Convention Committee Open Meeting

Determinations will be made on Thursday, March 19th at 6pm at Jonathan’s Grille, 3805 Green Hills Village, Nashville, TN 37215. If anyone wants to challenge the Contest and Credentials Committee delegate decisions they should bring their evidence to Jonathan’s Grill.

Convention Dates Set!

The Convention date will be March 21st at Ellington Agriculture Center off Edmonson Pike




Governor Bill Haslam  being sworn in

1APhoto by:  Paul Stephens Photography


Looking for a Way to Exercise your Civic Duty?


The Davidson County Election Commission needs poll workers for all voting locations in Davidson County for 2015 elections. Poll officials will be paid $120 per day and $15 per training session. You may attend up to 3 training sessions.  Training sessions are offered on days, nights, and Saturdays.

You may fill out an online application by going to and clicking on the “Poll Official” information.

High school students who live in Davidson County, are at least 17 years old, and have submitted a voter registration form are also eligible to work as poll officials.


Poll officials must be 1) available on Election Day 2) registered to vote in Davidson County 3) a Davidson County resident 4) and at least 17 years old. Poll officials must also attend a training session.

For more information, please visit the Davidson County Election Commission website or call the poll worker coordinators at (615) 862-4372. 


Corporate, LLC, PAC, Partnership and Personal checks are accepted under State Law; credit cards are also accepted. Contributions are not tax deductible